10 Honeymoon Destinations You Don’t Want to Go Back!

For couples planning a honeymoon break, the question of where to go has always caused little crises. There are few things that are as important as a romantic honeymoon to lay the foundations of a solid marriage and live unforgettable memories. We also took the opportunity to save you from the problem of finding a honeymoon destinations and we have compiled 10 places for you to experience a honeymoon that you will never forget.

Here are 10 honeymoon Destinations that You Don’t Want to Go Back!

10- Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an ideal destination for those who want to feel the aphrodisiac effect of exotic fruits. Those who think that the path to your wife’s heart passes through the stomach will love Bora Bora with its coconut desserts, ocean fish and French wines. It can also be recommended as an appropriate destination for this island, to feel the glory of love and the eternity of marriage by being fascinated by the infinity of the ocean. In spite of all these beautiful aspects, this island requires a very busy journey.

9- Barcelona

The romantic city of Europe, which smells history and art, is full of honeymoon couples.
It can be an ideal choice for couples who want to experience romance, culture and entertainment together, as both day and night life offers a wide range of options. The city, which is smelling of culture, with sculptures, art galleries and performance performances at the beginning. So, it has a very active life.

8- Phuket

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand. It attracts the attention of couples planning the honeymoon with the marina of Chalong Bay and the beach of Kamala. The island, which has a warm climate throughout the year, is an ideal spot for couples who want to make a honeymoon with both ocean and cultural elements. Phuket Island, where you can find opportunities for all water sports. It is also a famous marriage place around the world.

7- Venice

Venice is one of the most magical places you can see in the world. It consists of magnificent structures in the middle of the sea. It is known as the city of lovers who have survived to the present day. One of the best things to do here is the honeymoon. The first holiday you get as husband and wife must be in a place that smells like love.

6- Aruba

This island promises a rich underwater world for couples who want to scuba or snorkel during their honeymoon. it is also famous for its white beaches and shallow waters near the shore. Especially Eagle Beach and Baby Beach are among the most famous exotic beaches of the island.

5- Swiss Alps for honeymoon destinations

Switzerland is a country that offers romantic and interesting options for honeymooners. There are hotels in all categories on the sides of the lakes in the country. There are also places like chalets. You can make boat trips in the lakes during your stay in Switzerland. In the mountains where you can see every shade of green, romantic meals will be the most shameless moments of your honeymoon, with the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Alps.

4- Mauritius

This is the ideal place for lovers of the sea. You will admire the tropical fruits and the fresh drinks made from sugar cane. Mauritius is an ideal honeymoon address for young and dynamic couples. The area called Grand Bay stands out as an area worth visiting with its restaurant bars and discos. There are also shopping opportunities in the Pereybere area and historical and cultural items in the Balaclava area.

3- Florence for honeymoon destinations

This is a great city for those who do not want to compromise on romance and culture and art activities.

2- Zanzibar

For a honeymoon to be spent in Nungwi, the activity is to watch the sunset. A slow descent into the vast turquoise ocean, the sun is the ideal choice to symbolize the beginning of an eternal love.

1- Santorini for honeymoon destinations

Santorini, the pearl of the Greek islands, is one of the most favorite islands in the Aegean Sea. indispensable addresses of those who want to make a romantic holiday with great views. There are boutique hotels with authentic views of Caldera. All of the hotels in this area have a pool as it is below the cliff. At the same time some hotels even offer a jacuzzi for you on the balcony.

So guys, do you like this honeymoon destinations we prepared for you?