24 Wedding Rings Design & History of Wedding Ring!

24 Wedding Rings Design & History of Wedding Ring!

The rings remind us of an infinity that is endless and intertwined with nature. So it is not surprising that the rings are ring-shaped. Did wedding rings and diamond rings always have such an innocent and romantic meaning? When we look at history, the answer is unfortunately not.

Ancient Egypt

The first wedding rings were found in Ancient Egypt. These rings were attached to the ring finger of the left hand as a sign of eternity in marriage ceremonies. Vena amoris, in other words, a vein, called the love vein, was believed to be attached directly to the heart. The way the man puts this ring on his wife shows her the belief in his home care skills. These rings made of cannabis are made of materials that are seen more valuable like leather, bone and ivory in time. Thus, the more precious the ring is, the greater the idea of love is spread. Men used the rings as a symbol of show.

Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, the situation is very different. At that time the grooms used to present the rings to the brides’ father. It was a sign of the fact that he bought the woman.

In short, the ring and women were seen as two goods exchanged. The man who gave the ring would have her. It was said that the rings were a key that opened the man’s wealth.

The rings are also given to be a guarantee to the woman and her family if the man finishes the marriage. The marriage of their daughters has become more important for families as precious metals are preferred. Although they began to make it easy to find materials, the Romans lost their time and started to use iron and then gold. Although only certain groups were allowed to wear gold in the first place, as the people became rich, these rules were lightened and anyone who could afford them preferred gold wedding rings. This tradition has continued until today. At that time, these rings were called alligare from Latin instead of wedding rings. Alligare means to tie someone up and go under his obligation.

The history of the ring is not as hearty as you can see. Especially in ancient Rome, the way you use it, it’s too depressing! Now, these rings represent loyalty between couples.
That’s what’s important. One of the most preferred things to create a romantic bond with your loved one is wedding rings. That’s why we chose the most beautiful wedding rings for you. You can check out these rings from the gallery below and select the wedding ring that best describes your love!

Here are 24 Wedding Rings Design & History of Wedding Ring!