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3 Delicious Menu Types in Wedding Invitations!

Delicious Menu Types in Wedding Invitations!
The order came to a delicious topic: varieties of menu at weddings. If the menus are confusing and you can’t get out of the way, don’t worry. Because I’ve already come to the rescue. I searched all menu types for you and prepared sample menus for each one. If you’re ready to read an article that’s gonna blow your mouth, we’re starting.

What are Wedding Menus?

Your wedding venue or your agreed catering company will come with a choice of many different menus. Whichever wedding menu you choose, the most basic thing you have to do is make choices that you can enjoy common taste. Yes, we know that this is not easy, but the menu does not include very pretentious tastes, you can easily handle this if you offer an alternative to the wedding guests.

While offering a wedding dinner, you can choose from the cocktail, cocktail prolange, buffet and the set menu options also known as A la Carte. Now let’s take a look at what’s the difference between these menus together!

Here are 3 menu types in wedding invitations!

Cocktail Menu

Let’s make your work easier by touching on some of the cocktail menu examples. You can offer pumpkin rolls and roasted peppers with parsley, scone herb and flake peppers. You can add spicy grissins, couches prepared on chips and carrot and cucumber slices.

Finally, the fruit and chocolate tartet will be a welcome treat so that the guests can taste the mouth. Depending on your agreement and budget, you should decide on one of the limited or unlimited alcoholic beverages. If you agree to a limitless drink, guests can enjoy all sorts of non-alcoholic drinks, as well as wine, martini and different cocktails.

Cocktail Prolange Menu

If the duration of the cocktail will exceed two hours, this is now called the cocktail prolange and a more extensive menu is needed. You can think of prolange cocktail again after the wedding or as a wedding invitation. Especially ideal for 2-3 hours of afternoon celebration. When deciding on the menu in such an invitation, you should make sure that the offered snacks are more satisfying. One of the budget-friendly menus, cocktails, are more rich than cocktails and cocktails.

Cocktail snacks, mini kofte, shish kebabs and pizzas are the examples of cocktails. You can also prepare canapies prepared by putting delicatessen ingredients on bread slices.

Open Buffet Menu

The buffet menu is ideal for weddings where the number of guests is flexible and high. Even if there are more people than expected, you won’t have to turn your guests down with the buffet.

In the buffet, you can have some of the guests sitting by standing up to the rest, or all of them. In this menu option all meals and refreshments are served on large tables and guests are expected to do their own service. Care should be taken to ensure that each buffet serves up to 100 people to avoid queues. In some large invitations, buffets are arranged in a very large size and double-sided.