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3 Ideas for an Epic Wedding in France!

Ideas for an Epic Wedding in France!
Every love is fairy tale and deserves a wedding like fairy tales!

The most romantic city of the world is here. The best of wine and cheese is here. The masters of gastronomy are here. The art is here. The history is here. The coolest beaches, the most natural landscapes are here. Provence, the Loire valley, Normandy, Cote d’Azur is also here! So, where are you girls?
Don’t you want to be here at your wedding? I think your answer is a big YAY! Then, let us tell you a few traditions from french weddings before a romantic wedding in France.


Lavender in Provence has long been an integral part of the traditions that surround the marriage. This flower is often a symbol of joy and luck for newlyweds and is often included in a variety of ways.

In order to celebrate the bride and groom, it is common to have the guests take a lavender at the end of the ceremony. Rice or wheat in France’s wedding halls is less and less accepted and many couples choose lavender instead. This is a nice way for the guests to wish the luck and happiness of the married couple who stepped into a new life together.

According to another tradition of lavender in Provence, it is necessary to marry the newlyweds’ marriages and place a bouquet of lavender under their beds to bring passion. For a happy and fertile marriage, it is customary to squeeze a small lavender bag into the bride’s dowry.

Some brides have even begun to place lavender on their head ornaments as part of the bride’s crown. Finally, taking a bouquet of lavender to the newlyweds is also a symbol of eternal happiness.

Baby, is it really cold outside?

Weather is one of the first things a couple can’t control on their wedding day. To ensure that the weather will be good and not to be caught in the rain, superstition brides and grooms are still following some traditions. Especially in a tradition that is popular in Northern France, it is seen that the married couple offered eggs to Saint Claire. The presentation of eggs, symbolized by life and fertility, usually takes place in a monastery in connection with Claire, the patron saint of marriage. Since St. Claire’s name can be interpreted as “clean time“, it is thought that the saint will affect the good weather on the couple’s wedding day. The money donations, known as eder paper eggs, ılı are more common today, and the nuns in the monastery pray for the good in the name of the pair.

Brioche dance!

A common wedding tradition at Vendée is the Brioche dance! The large Brioche muffin, weighing up to 15 kg, is usually offered as a gift by the godfather or the mother of one of the newlyweds. After dinner, the bride must take the Brioche and show her around before; at the same time it should perform a dance that requires strength, rhythm and balance. Then all men are invited to the Brioche dance, and then the donut with the middle cut is given to the wedding guests. After the last dance with Brioche, the donut is eaten by all wedding guests.

Isn’t it a dream? If you want a romantic wedding in France, you can achieve spectacular results by following these French wedding traditions. We have no doubt that it will be an unforgettable wedding for you and your friends! You have no doubt about this. Below you can find the most beautiful images of French weddings. We hope these photos will inspire you!

Here are few Ideas for an Epic Wedding in France!