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5 Fab Wedding Decoration Trends & Wedding Concepts!

5 Fab Wedding Decoration Trends & Wedding Concepts!
If you haven’t yet decided how to decorate your wedding, how about getting inspired by the latest trends? We have compiled 2019 wedding decoration and wedding concepts trends for you!

Simplicity, which is at the forefront of 2019 wedding trends, is also reflected in the trends in wedding decoration. This year’s wedding, the simple decoration elements will glow with details. Neon lights will take a look, metallic and gold designs as well as copper tones will also frequently use in wedding decoration.

Geometric decoration elements of 2018 will appear in bride-groom funds. Laser cut designations, transparent designs will create elegant details of wedding decoration! Want to take a closer look at the latest wedding decoration trends? So let’s start!

Color of 2019: Vivid Coral!

The Pantone Color Institute announced the color of 2019 as a live coral. This color, which represents the pursuit of optimism and happiness, is often seen in many areas this year. So sweet!
Wondering how to use vivid coral color for wedding decoration? Let’s say you can choose as theme color!

From table flowers to chair decorations, from bridesmaids to invitations, from wedding cakes to groom collar flowers, you can choose materials in this color. You can use this color alone or in combination with colors such as gray, turquoise, cream and orange. So you would be hosting a very stylish wedding. Tell us!

Geometric designs leap to background

We will see the geometric designs that dominate the 2018 wedding trends in the backgrounds and bridal bouquets at the 2019 wedding. The geometric backgrounds, which are particularly well suited to outdoor weddings, look very nice when decorated with flowers. Couples in Bohemian style can decorate geometric funds with pampas.

Hello copper!

You can still choose gold and silver shades. But we must say that this year’s color is copper. You can use copper tones in many different places of the wedding venue, from table decorations, to suplases and even chairs, and you can sign up for a stylish wedding decoration.

Transparent Designs Come to Life

In 2019 weddings, you should know that simple designs will get a sparkle with small touches. With the purity and transparent designs prevailing in the decoration trends of the year, especially in 2019 wedding dress trends. However, transparent decoration elements, not alone, come alive with colors like gold and copper!

The Nobility of Black Brings Elegance to Weddings

You can choose your wedding theme in the style and style you want, but how about creating a noble look by adding black designs to the decoration materials? 2019 wedding plates, cups, tablecloths, candles, black color models will often come out!

Considering these trends, you can create a great job in wedding decoration! You can use up to 5 suggestions as a guide when determining your wedding concepts. So you’ll be hosting a wonderful wedding! So, your wedding will be etched to your friends and your memories forever!

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