5 Great Honeymoon Destinations for Summer!

The most enjoyable part! The wedding is over, the stress of the wedding is over now it’s time to enjoy the holiday! We have compiled the most amazing honeymoon destinations during the summer months for our highly worn and exhausted couples due to wedding bustle!

First of all, I would like to talk about a few things you need to pay attention about your honeymoon destinations:

First thing you should look at: SEASONS
Inevitable; The first conditions in all parts of the world are not one, but the most suitable months to go differ from country to country. You have two options, select the country you want to go to and wait for the season, or eliminate the countries according to the honeymoon date you set.

Here are the most amazing honeymoon destinations to visit in the summer!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Short summary of this route:

  1. Romantic ambiance of Italy
  2. Awesome seafood
  3. Simple and elegant Italian luxury
  4. To be expensive

What’s good?
On the steep slopes there are colorful towns facing the sea and the streets covered with car traffic and also have turquoise coves.
This place has a finger-licking Italian kitchen, which is influenced by its neighbor Napoleon.
Nice wines, nice tables.
By the way, Capri is the favorite summer place of the Roman emperors in the 1950s and the favorite summer house of the high society and the inspiration of Dolce & Gabbana.

5-6 days is enough for this route. You got to Ischia Island for 2 days. Most popular stops are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Pompeii, Ravello, Island of Capri. Do not return without doing these: the sunset walk in Sentiero degli Dei, boat to rent a single day to feel like a jet-set (necessarily), spaghetti alle vongo to eat.

Finally, let us warn you about two issues:

  1. OVER the crowd in July and August
  2. The state is doing some quota applications to protect its history from overcrowding
  3. Make your reservations at least 1 month in advance.


For those who want to go to a tropical place on honeymoon, our joker is Bali.
July and August is the highest season, but for many reasons it is not the best time. Nevertheless, it is a good mediator for those who want to give up what the yard is. Now that I’m going to tell you a lot about the tropical honeymoon title itself, I’m not extending the word, I get you there.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Now I’m going to tell you one of the most beautiful of the exotic islands. Where is it? That’s Thailand. Smiley people’s country. Why do we love Thailand so much? Let me explain now!

Exotic and tropical islands, especially delicious seafood dishes, tropical fruits, white sand beaches, wonderful nightlife, magnificent Thai massage.. This list goes longer. So you should definitely see this country! If your plan for the honeymoon is Koh Samui: You must hire a motor and go around the island.

El Nido, Philippines

If you say “when I’m tired, I’ll go through a palm and enjoy the white sands. I should dive deeper into the turquoise sea and all kinds of colorful reefs” then you must go to El Nido-Philippines! The world is not yet to be seen as soon as possible places. For 50 dollars a day you can live very comfortably.


In the Indian Ocean. The rich nature of the 115 tropical islands of the capital Mahe and the untouched coastline is known as the address of the Seychelles peace and romance with its beaches and underwater beauties.

Romanticism at any time, peace when you want, entertainment at night clubs when you want. You can find them all in Seychelles.