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73 Wedding Decoration Inspirations of the These Days!

Wedding Decoration Inspirations That Recently Featured!
You’re tired of the colorless weddings that look the same as each other, and you don’t want your wedding to be so. Is not it? Then you’re in the right place! Because we have prepared for you the 73 wedding decoration proposal that entered our lives together with 2019!

Here are few suggestions we prepared for you before seeing the inspiration of the most beautiful wedding decoration inspirations!

  1. Pink ornaments, which we see frequently, are replaced by the concepts of black color. Black, burgundy and anthracite shades will be at the forefront.
  2. Round tables, indispensable for wedding venues. However, we recommend that the couples prefer the C and ellipse family tables. The different tables of this style give a nice atmosphere to the halls.
  3. We will see the flowering chandeliers used in the past year in the new season. While dancing, the flowers hanging from the top of the dancing show beautiful pictures.
  4. Tables, large and small candles in large and small vases flowers continue to color. At the same time, pampas will continue to be used in 2019. We will feel the golden color of wedding decoration will decrease its weight in the coming seasons. We will see gold tones as more details in small details.
  5. In the previous years, the forms of the bride wedges, which are mostly decorated with wild flowers, change slightly. Tulle and pampas will be used mainly in the jewelry.
  6. The choice of couples instead of colorful flowers is green weight plants. Places equipped with leaves await newly married couples.
  7. This year, we will see the decorations that use simpler tones instead of color scenes. Elegant accessories such as feathers, tulle, soft colors and so on will be used.
  8. Silver and gold substitute glass accessories in the foreground. We also recommend the use of glass candlesticks and glass chairs called plexys. In addition, instead of bridal tables, glass chairs are preferred.
  9. Palace vases are replaced by glass candle holders and candlesticks. We often see rocking candle holders and simple candlesticks at wedding tables.

Here are Wedding Decoration Inspirations That Recently Featured!

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