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DIY: How to Make & Decorate Chocolate Cupcake!

Do it yourself: How to Make & Decorate Chocolate Cupcake!
Tiny, mini, cutie and delicious monsters! Is there anyone who doesn’t like cupcake? Not right? I thought so, too.

The bride’s hair, makeup and dress are important for the wedding. So are the wedding music and the place. What about the snacks to serve to your guests? They’re pretty important too, aren’t they?
We know that this is how we want to add a few details that will make your wedding ceremony even more beautiful. Would you like to prepare your own chocolate cupcakes for your friends at your wedding? If your answer is yes, you should know that you are in the right place!

When you read this article you will not only know how to make a chocolate cupcake, but you will also have an idea how to decorate your cupcakes. I know this is perfect. So everything is for you gorgeous brides! Don’t thank me! 😉

Here is the recipe and construction of that fabulous chocolate cupcake!

And you can watch the video below to decorate your cupcakes better!

Don’t you like these decorations? No problem! We have compiled the most beautiful cupcake decorations for the wedding of our dear brides
You can get inspiration from these decorations. You can make your own cupcake design and create a wonderful moment.

Here are the most beautiful cupcake designs we have chosen for you!