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Few Tips for an Aww-some Wedding in Italy!

Few Tips for an Aww-some Wedding in Italy!
Italy is one of the preferred destinations for abroad with its romantic cities, historical, nature, wonder of design places, cuisine and entertainment. Venice, Verona and Lake Garda in the north of this great country. These include fashion and design center Milan and Lake Como. Florence is the capital of Tuscany and Renaissance in the middle of the country. In addition, In the west, Portofino, Amalfi and Positano and the fairy tale city Rome and Italy offer different options for those who want to marry abroad.

Enjoy your wedding in Italy.

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Wedding in Italy is a magnificent! You can take amazing wedding photos on the magical streets. When you breathe in the magical ambiance, you will say well that you have chosen this country for your wedding! We all know that they have great cities. Whichever city you choose, your wedding will be great! Because they all have a unique feel. Also, if you want to have your wedding in Italy, we have prepared a few surprises for you. We have investigated the wedding traditions of Italy for you! Say what? Shall we begin?

Giving bouquet to bride

There are different traditions and beliefs about who will take the bridal bouquet in Italy.
According to the more common tradition, the groom should marry and give his fiance the last groom before his wife.

The bride can choose colors and flowers for the wedding decor. And should be compatible with the wedding dress, which her future husband should not see until the wedding day. Although the groom can not see the bouquet. It is his job to pay the bill and ensure that it is delivered on time in the wedding day.
Sometimes, in northern Italy, the groom offers the bride a bouquet for her future wife. It is considered too sinister to see the bride before the wedding. So she waits in front of the church just before taking her place next to the altar for the ceremony.

According to another tradition that is more common in southern Italy, the groom’s mother is the mother of the groom as a welcome gift to the family.

However, since these traditions are gradually disappearing. Brides find it more practical to choose their own bouquets. And of course they know what they want best!

Bride and Mirrors

In many parts of the world, the groom is thought to be very ominous to see the bride before the ceremony. Italy is no exception, and this tradition is still being taken seriously by local couples. In many parts of the country, the bride and the bride should not see each other even on the day before the wedding.

In some areas in Italy, you probably don’t know that the bride is not even allowed to see her. According to an old tradition born in southern Italy, the bride must refrain from seeing herself in the mirror while she is dressed in a bridal dress from head to toe. She is very careful when trying her wedding dress. She should stay away from the mirrors not only on the wedding day but also in the previous days or she will have bad luck in marriage life.

But if she really wants to take a look at her dress and check it, she must first take off an accessory. That’s why Italian brides want to look at the mirror when they’re lean. Alternatively, they may choose to remove a earring or glove.

We don’t know if you’d like to follow these traditions. But we wanted you to place them in a corner of your mind. Who knows, maybe you’d like to buy your bridal bouquet from the mother of your favorite man? Anyhow, you can find the most beautiful photos from the Italian weddings we prepared to inspire you in our gallery below.

Here are the most beautiful photos of Italian weddings!